CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework ratings

These charts show the performance of CCGs over four domains covered by NHS England’s Improvement and Assessment Framework: mental health; leadership; dementia; and learning disability. For each domain, you can view the ratings for CCGs from outstanding to inadequate. We have also produced a separate briefing document that lists the ratings for all CCGs.

The charts and briefing are both based on the ratings for 2017/18.

Policy context

NHS England has a statutory duty (under the Health and Social Care Act (2012) to conduct an annual assessment of every CCG. The CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework is designed to align key objectives and clinical priorities to assess CCGs’ fitness to operate and to act as a focal point for joint work and support between NHS England, NHS Improvement, CCGs, providers and STP/ICS areas.

It is intended to demonstrate, what is working well and what is off-track.

Note: Indicators on mental health, dementia and learning disability services are updated annually. The leadership indicator is updated quarterly, although we are awaiting a full set of ratings for the 195 CCGs now in operation before we update with the latest ratings. 

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