How would you rate morale across your multidisciplinary team in the last 3 months?

These chart show the responses of the RCPsych Research Panel members to the question of morale in their multidisciplinary team in the last three months.

The charts below are based on the responses of 337 RCPsych members to our first Research Panel survey in February 2019, 251 RCPsych members to our second Research Panel survey in May 2019 and 236 RCPsych members to our third Research Panel survey in August 2019. Please note the 5-point scale was altered for the second survey, so comparison between surveys is not possible. In future, results will be comparable between each quarterly survey. 

Morale across multi-disciplinary team in past quarter
Morale across multi-disciplinary team in past quarter

Policy context

Staffing is not just a question of numbers. The resilience and wellbeing of staff is critical. Morale varies widely across the system today, linked with pressure of work and level of training.

The NHS Staff and Learners’ Mental Wellbeing Commission recommends that the NHS should establish an NHS Workforce Wellbeing Guardian and a Workplace Wellbeing Leader to work with and report to the Workforce Wellbeing Guardian in every NHS organisation.

The RCPsych’s Research Panel survey seeks to understand whether national plans are making a difference to services on the ground.

Note: this data is collected quarterly as one of four tracker questions gathered from the UK-wide RCPsych Research Panel.

Only data from members working in England are presented on Mental Health Watch. Responses from members working in the devolved nations of the UK can be found in the data bulletins produced for RCPsych Scotland and RCPsych Wales, available to RCPsych members from those devolved nations.

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