Seven day follow-up for patients on the Care Programme Approach

This chart shows the proportion of patients on the Care Programme Approach who were followed up within seven days after discharge from psychiatric inpatient care. The figures can be examined from a national perspective, CCG or STP level. You can also compare data with up to five other areas.


Exploring the charts: To explore CCGs or STPs, click on the tab then click in the box to compare data sets. 

Policy context

The Care Programme Approach (CPA) is the national system which sets out how secondary mental health services should respond to and co-ordinate care for people with the most complex needs. Following an inpatient admission, the immediate period after discharge is a time of significant suicide and self-harm risk. Therefore, follow-up within 7 days is an important safety measure.

The national NHS standard is for 95% of patients on the CPA to be followed up within 7 days of discharge from an inpatient mental health setting.

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