About this site

Mental Health Watch aims to keep you in touch with how well the mental health system in England is performing.

Whatever your interest in mental health care, this site will help you track trends and assess progress - locally, regionally and across the country. Our help video explains how.

The site uses 25 key indicators to measure the health of mental health.

We've divided these into six themes - Access, Care, Finance, Leadership, Quality and Workforce.

The site allows you to browse the indicators and interrogate the data - many of the indicators allow you to track trends at CCG, STP level or nationally.

What are the sources of the data and how often is the information updated?

A full refresh of the indicators will be completed every quarter, where new data is available. The current planned publication schedule for updates is June-September-December-March. 

The data on many of the indicators is drawn from NHS England's quarterly dashboard. Some data is drawn from NHS Digital, and updated monthly.

And some indicators are drawn from a panel of just over 600 psychiatrists across the NHS in England, who we survey quarterly to gauge the views of people working in the trusts, delivering services. 

Other indicators use data from the NHS Staff Survey, Care Quality Commission, NHS Improvement and Open Prescribing.

For each indicator, it tells you the source of the data and how often it is updated in the right hand column.

Understanding the data

We've taken a number of steps to help you understand the data and make the most of the site.

  • Big picture view: Each quarter we produce a report which looks at data trends across England as a whole. You can access this from the homepage, or as a pdf from each indicator page.
  • Explaining the indicator: For each indicator we provide some information to help people who are not familiar with the data, to help you interpret it.
  • Policy context: For each indicator we've described the policy context - in other words what the Government is trying to achieve
  • Glossary of terms: The site refers to CCGs, STPs, and uses other terms which some people will be familiar with and others won't. We've created a glossary of terms which is available on each indicator page, in case you're unsure

Sharing the data on social media

You can share your findings from any indicator on twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

When you share, the site will replicate the link to the indicator page only - you will need to produce your own screenshot or describe the Trust, CCG, STP or other variables the user will have to input to see a specific chart.

Re-using the data

We'd be happy for you to re-use the data and images of charts you find on this website, provided that you credit the Royal College of Psychiatrists and refer to Mental Health Watch. You should also credit the source of the data, which is shown on each indicator page in the right hand column.