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Mental Health Watch will keep you in touch with how well the mental health system in England is performing. Produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, it will help you track and analyse trends, and inform you about what the data is saying. Read more about this site.

Policy Summary

The health service has come under immense pressure over the last 18 months. Mental health services have faced a dual burden, with public health measures constraining capacity and an enormous uptick in demand on services. 

Mental Health Watch was launched as a tool to hold Government to account on the delivery of laudable ambitions in the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and the NHS Long Term Plan. Following a year of upheaval, it now also offers a helpful snapshot of a new ‘baseline’ and highlights where key lessons can be learned. 

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Spotlight on: Access to perinatal mental health services

In the second of a series of articles about how we interpret and use the data, this ‘Spotlight on’ briefing considers how access to specialist perinatal mental health services was impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic and where local areas are in relation to national expectations in 2020/21 and beyond.


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