Proportion of patients discharged from adult acute beds followed up within 72 hours 

This chart shows the percentage of adults treated across adult mental illness specialties who were followed up within 72 hours of being discharged from psychiatric inpatient care. The figures can be examined from a national perspective and at sub-ICB level. You can also compare data with up to five other areas.

Exploring the charts: To explore sub ICBs, click on the tab and then click in the box to select different areas. We should expect the lines to trend upwards over time as more patients are followed-up within the 72 hour period.

Policy context

This measure is included within the NHS Standard Contract and was a national indicator within the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) framework in 2019/20 to incentivise providers to follow up with adults after discharge. It replaces a previous indicator that was reporting on the follow-up within seven days of discharge for those adults on the Care Programme Approach only.

A national standard of 80% being followed up within the 72 hour window is in place. The College has welcomed the development of this new broader measure, given the evidence base showing the increased risk of patients dying by suicide on days 2-3 after discharge from inpatient services.