Children and young people with eating disorders starting treatment within one week

This chart shows the proportion of children and young people needing urgent care for eating disorders who receive treatment within a week of referral. The figures can be examined from a national perspective, CCG or STP level. You can also compare data with up to five other areas.

Exploring the charts: To explore CCGs or STPs, click on the tab then click in the box to compare data sets. The trend lines should be expected to move up over time as areas progress towards achieving the 95% target by 2020/21. Missing values for CCGs, either entirely for the data series or for individual data points, are indication that no patients were seen during the period covered.

Policy context

The Government has committed to ensuring that 95% of children and young people (up to the age of 19) who are referred for assessment or treatment for an eating disorder should receive NICE-approved treatment from a designated healthcare professional within one week for urgent cases, and four weeks for every other case by 2020/21.

The Children and Young People with an Eating Disorder (CYP ED) Access and Waiting Time Standard includes all children and young people in whatever setting (community or inpatients) they are receiving care.   

Note: There are differences in the way these data are collected at national and CCG/ STP levels. National data are collected per individual quarter whereas CCG/STP data are rolled over for an annual period, quarter to quarter. Therefore, it is not possible to compare England-level data with CCG-level data. From Q1 2019/20 onwards, NHS England began reporting STP data separately from its dashboard, which has resulted in further suppression of some CCG data to avoid risk of individual identification.  

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