Inappropriate out of area placements

This chart shows the number of days adult patients spend on inappropriate out of area acute placements (OAPs) per rolling quarter across mental health trusts. The figures can be examined from a national perspective, CCG or STP level, or by Trust sending the patient out of area. You can also compare data with up to five other areas.


Exploring the charts: For CCGs, STPs and Trusts, click in the box to compare data sets. We should expect to see the lines trend downwards if the target to eliminate inappropriate OAPs by 2020/21 is to be achieved.

Policy context

The Government set a national ambition to eliminate inappropriate OAPs in mental health services for adults in acute inpatient care by 2020/21.

NHS Improvement is also leading a ‘getting it right first time programme’ for crisis and acute mental health care, which seeks to work with trusts to improve services and reduce the number of OAPs.

Note: An inappropriate out of area placement (OAP) for acute mental health in-patient care is defined as when a person with assessed acute mental health needs who requires adult mental health acute inpatient care, is admitted to a unit that does not form part of their usual local network of services. This means an inpatient unit that does not usually admit people living in the catchment of the person’s local community mental health service, and where the person cannot be visited regularly by their care co-ordinator to ensure continuity of care and effective discharge planning.

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