NHS staff engagement with their work, their team and their organisation

This chart shows the overall engagement scores of staff working in NHS mental health trusts. The figures can be examined at a provider level only. You can compare responses across different groups of professionally qualified clinical staff, where available, across the last three years.

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Policy context

The NHS Staff Survey, ran annually since 2003, asks staff in England about their experiences of working for the NHS with the intention of the information being used to help organisations understand and compare their own performance.

Highly engaged staff is a marker of a positive working environment. This is likely to contribute to the quality of care provided.

Note: Overall staff engagement is derived from a composite score of the responses to nine individual questions relating to:

  • staff motivation at work
  • staff ability to contribute towards improvement at work, and
  • likelihood of staff recommending their organisation as a place to work or receive treatment.

The score format was revised in 2018 to a 10-point scale and backdated to allow comparison within the same provider only from 2016 onwards. Respondents are asked to provide answers ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

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