NHS staff survey scores for Workforce Race Equality Standard themes 

This chart shows the composite scores from staff working in NHS mental health trusts for two NHS staff survey themes related to the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES). They cover questions on issues such as: equal opportunities for career progression; discrimination at work; and harassment, bullying and abuse from patients, relatives, the public or staff.

The figures can be examined at provider level only and are provided for staff respondents by ethnicity across the last three years.

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Policy context

The NHS staff survey, ran annually since 2003, asks staff in England about their experiences of working for the NHS with the intention of the information being used to help organisations understand and compare their own performance. 

The Equality, diversity and inclusion theme score is based on a composite of questions on issues such as: opportunities for career progression; adjustments made for those with long-term physical or mental health condition or illness; experience of discrimination; and the provision of equal opportunities. 

The Safe environment – bullying and harassment theme score is based on a composite score from questions on issues such as: experience of bullying, harassment and abuse from colleagues, patients, relatives or the public; and the reporting of such cases within the respondents’ organisation.